The 5 Main Causes of Excess Stomach Fat

Many people in the western world today are overweight. And, for many of those people, a lot of their excess fat is in their stomachs.

But, what are the causes of stomach fat, and why does so much of our fat settle in our abdominal areas?

1. Genetics

One of the main causes of stomach fat is genetics. Some of us are naturally apple shaped and some of us are naturally pear shaped. Pear shaped people tend to store fat in their hips, while apple shaped people have excess fat right in their stomachs.

2. The Menopause

Another main cause of stomach fat is menopause. After menopause, women store fat more readily anyway, and much of this fat is often stored around the stomach.

3. Stress

When we’re under stress, our bodies release cortisol as part of our “flight or fight” mechanism. This is a normal reaction to a frightening situation and is not harmful. However, when our stress levels remain elevated for long periods of time, our cortisol levels stay elevated.

Long term elevated cortisol levels lead to digestive problems and is one of the causes of stomach fat and overall weight gain. Tips for reducing stress

4. Slow metabolism

A slow metabolism can cause overall weight gain, and is often one of the causes of stomach fat that is difficult to get rid of. Increasing your exercise and doing other things that can increase the metabolic rate is a good way to help speed a slow metabolism. Learn how to increase your metabolism.

5. Late night eating

Many people don’t know that regularly eating late at night can be one of the causes of excess stomach fat. When we eat too late, our bodies don’t have the time to digest the food and burn off the calories before we go to sleep. This tends to lead to weight gain, and often much of this weight is centered around the abdomen.

Though some of the causes of stomach fat are issues that we have little or no control over, this shouldn’t cause us to give up on getting rid of the excess fat around our middles.

Excess weight, wherever it is carried increases our risk of many serious illnesses, like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes. Being overweight can even increase your risk of some forms of cancer.

The Solutions to Excess Stomach Fat

Regardless of the cause of stomach fat, the best way to work to get rid of it is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Eating right and ensuring that you get plenty of aerobic exercise can ensure that you lose excess fat from all over your body.

Adding some strength training to your workout routine can also help you get rid of that excess stomach fat. As you strengthen the abdominal muscles, you’ll improve your posture and be able to hold your stomach in tighter, which will make your stomach look flatter.

In addition, the more muscle mass your body holds, the more calories you’ll burn in a day, so being more muscular can help you control your overall weight. No matter what the cause of stomach fat, there are definitely ways you can help get rid of it.

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