The Ab Wheel Workouts and Exercises

When you look at an ab wheel, you may not immediately think that this little contraption can do much for toning your body.

But, an ab wheel is actually a very good tool for toning and defining the abdominal muscles. And, the ab wheel is a tool that anyone can use, provided you have the strength.

The ab wheel has been around for a long time, and has proven to be very effective, especially for serious athletes.

What is the Ab Wheel?

The ab wheel is made simply of a rubber-coated wheel, about the size of the wheel on a wheelbarrow. On either side of the wheel are handles.

To use the ab wheel, you get down on your knees and roll the wheel forward and backward. Alternatively, for a more difficult exercise, you can stand up and bend down to roll out the ab wheel.

The ab wheel is one of the least expensive pieces of exercise equipment you can buy. It offers a very effective way to tone the abdominal muscles, and is especially good for those who already have a strong core and strong abdominals.

Muscles Targeted By The Ab Wheel

The ab wheel targets the lats and the hip flexors, along with the all the abdominal muscles.

Using an ab wheel is considered an advanced abdominal workout.

How to Effectively Use the Ab Wheel

There are several different exercises you can perform using an ab wheel. The ab wheel roll out is the most common. This is the exercise mentioned above, where you are on your knees starting with the wheel close to your body.

You roll out in front of you, until your body is stretched out completely and then roll the wheel back. Do not touch the floor. Keep your arms straight as you pull back into the starting position.

Another common use for the ab wheel is to use straps to attach the ab wheel to your feet. Stabilizing your upper body by placing your hands on the floor out in front of you, roll back and forth with your legs.

Once you master these exercises, which are not easy, you may want to find other ab wheel exercises on the internet to further strengthen your abdominals.

There are some tricks to using the ab wheel effectively and without injury to your back.

  1. Understand that this is an advanced exercise. If you do not already have good core strength, you risk injury when using the ab wheel. Start slowly and use proper form.
  2. Exercises using the ab wheel put strain on the lower back, particularly if you don’t use good form. If you have problems with lower back pain, this may not be the exercise for you.
  3. Roll the ab wheel back and forth slowly. Using momentum will not work your muscles as completely.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find the ab wheel to be a very effective tool for training your abdominal muscles. The exercises are simple, though not easy, and they can take your abdominal training to the next level.

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