The Ab Circle Pro – Does It Really Work?

Does The Ab Circle Pro Really Work?

If you’re on the hunt to get six pack abs, one product that you might be considering is the ab circle pro. This fitness product has rapidly become a hit with spokesperson Jennifer Nicole Lee standing behind it.

As millions of people everywhere covet a lean, flat set of abs, many are starting to question whether the ab circle pro is the best route for them to reach this goal.

Chances are you’re tried a number of different products in the past so you may have a few slight reservations about using the ab circle pro and wonder if it really can bring you the success that you’re looking for.

Before you rush out to purchase the ab circle pro, it’s important that you take a good hard look at what this piece of equipment is and make an informed decision of whether it will be right for you.

Let’s have a quick look at what you need to know about the ab circle pro.

What Is The Ab Circle Pro?

The ab circle pro is a piece of abdominal exercise machinery where you’re going to place the knees on top of a knee pad, grasp a pair of handles down in front of you and then begin to swivel yourself from side to side, using the abs and obliques to power you through the movement.

As you continue to pivot along the movement pattern that the ab circle pro creates, you’re going to feel the ab muscles tensing the entire time as they build up their strength and definition.

The ab circle pro is meant to be fast and easy and best of all, provide you with a fun workout that will help land you with those coveted flat abs that you’re after.

How The Ab Circle Pro Works

Now that you know what the ab circle pro is, how does it work?

Since the ab muscles are comprised of three different muscle tissues – the frontal ab muscles that make up the ‘6 pack’, your rectus abdominis, the obliques, which line the sides of the abdominal cavity, as well as the transvers abdominis, which sits deep to the front ab muscles, you want a machine that targets all of these.

That’s precisely what the ab circle pro is going to do. As you maintain that bent over body position, you’re going to call the transverse muscle into play as well as the rectus abdominis, which is going to help keep you balanced.

Then to move through the side to side movement pattern, the obliques will continually be contracting and relaxing, finishing off the movement pattern.

With all three muscles contracting and relaxing in unison, you’ll burn more calories using the ab circle pro than you would performing a standard crunch exercise.

Muscles Worked With The Ab Circle Pro

As we just mentioned, you’re going to work the three main muscles in the abdominal cavity when using the ab circle pro. But, that isn’t all. You’re also going to be working all the smaller muscle groups that run along the spinal column as they will have to be tensed in order to keep your body slightly bent over and upright.

In addition to that, you’ll also target the arms and shoulder muscles as well as they hold onto the handles and help guide you along the movement.

With the ab circle pro, you can also separate the knee pads so that they move in a circular fashion around the track, which will provide you with an excellent glute and leg workout as well.

This is going to really target in on those hard-to-reach muscles in the glutes that other leg movements very rarely hit.

This will help to create a firmer back side and remove those ‘saddlebags’ that so many people deal with.

Since you aren’t going to be fighting as much resistance with the ab circle pro as you would with a typical strength training workout for instance, this also helps to reduce the amount of bulk you could potentially build, so instead you create a very streamlined look that keeps your legs lean and firm looking.

Will You Get 6 Pack Abs Using The Ab Circle Pro?

Does the ab circle pro really work?

Does the ab circle pro really work?

So now you likely are wondering the question, will you get 6 pack abs with the ab circle pro?

The important thing to keep in mind here is that while the ab circle pro is definitely an effective tool for helping to work the abdominals, it’s not going to magically make all the fat just melt off your body.

While you will certainly burn some calories using the ab circle pro and it will be more than a standard abdominal crunch on the ab mats, it’s not going to be enough to make up for poor eating habits.

A Good Diet Plan Is The Foundation For Achieving Six Pack Abs

Much of seeing success with getting six pack abs does boil down to eating a good diet plan that will help get your body turning to body fat stores as a fuel source.

If you aren’t eating a proper diet, you’re going to find it’s a constant struggle to get any fat loss taking place, even if you are using the ab circle pro.

The good news is that when you purchase the ab circle pro you will receive a nutritional guide to help you on your way with this.

If you follow this nutritional guide, use the ab circle pro regularly, and also be sure to perform a full body strength program to work all the other muscle groups in the body, then you definitely can get the 6 pack ab results that you’re looking for.

If you fail to perform the diet though, then while you’ll get stronger using the ab circle pro, you may not see the definition that you’re really after.

So there you have the main information to know about the ab circle pro. Jennifer Nicole Lee has been using it for a number of years and has a very nice set of abs, so if you make the commitment to using it regularly and get your food intake in line, you can achieve very similar results.

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