A Diet Plan For Getting Six Pack Abs

The Best Protein, Carbs and Fat Sources For Reducing Body Fat

If you are someone who covets a lean stomach, it’s an absolute must that you put together a proper six pack abs diet.

Simply stated, if you’re not following a sound six pack abs diet, you can kiss your results goodbye.

How can one be so sure of this? The reason is that when it comes to ripped abs, diet accounts easily for up to 90% of your results. Even if you manage to get down to relatively low body fat percentages with just exercise alone, if you’re eating the wrong foods, you’ll retain water which will wash away that ripped ab look.

A good six pack abs diet is critical for success, so we’re going to go over all the foods that must be in place on your plan. If there’s one thing that you need to do moving forward, before even coming up with a workout routine, getting your six pack abs diet set in stone is it.

Here’s what you should be eating.

The best diet foods for developing six pack abdominals

The best diet foods for developing six pack abdominals

The 5 Best Carbs For Getting Six Pack Abs

When choosing the top carbs to add to your six pack abs diet plan, you want to look for those that are going to digest incredibly slowly in the body and have virtually no processing at all.

This will ensure that they are going to have minimal impact on your blood sugar levels and provide you with the energy to get through your workouts.

Then in addition to that you also want to look for carbs that will supply plenty of fiber and vegetables that are high in antioxidants. While vegetables aren’t considered a ‘high carb’ food, they are still a carbohydrate containing food and need to be in your plan. Later on in the day, they are the perfect carb to turn to since they are so low in calorie value.

1) Quinoa


Topping our list of carbs to add to your six pack abs diet is quinoa. Quinoa is excellent since not only will it be incredibly high in fiber, but it’s also a complete protein.

Most carbohydrate containing foods are incomplete proteins, so this one will put you one step ahead as far as your protein requirements go.

Adding this food to your six pack abs diet around your workout sessions is a smart move for proper performance and recovery.

2) Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Another food that’s similar to quinoa that you may prefer is brown rice. Brown rice also deserves a place on your six pack abs diet as it is not at all processed and is completely fat free.

Brown rice will be perfect for restoring muscle glycogen levels after you do a hard workout and for keeping you mentally focused for the coming day.

3) Oatmeal


To jumpstart your metabolism in the morning, go with oatmeal. Oatmeal contains no sugar so is the perfect addition to your six pack abs diet. It’s also higher in volume for the amount of calories it contains, which is a key element for success with any six pack abs diet.

4) Broccoli


On the vegetable side of things, you can’t go wrong with broccoli. Loaded with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, and at around only 30 calories per cup, this one is an easy add to your six pack abs diet.

5) Blackberries


Finally, to satisfy your sweet tooth on your six pack abs diet, go with blackberries. Blackberries are a fiber powerhouse so will release very slowly in the body, having minimal impact on blood glucose levels.

Blackberries are potent in antioxidants as well so will fight off any free radical damage taking place.

The 5 Best Protein Foods For Getting Six Pack Abs

So now that you know the top carbs for your six pack abs diet, what about the best protein sources?

When looking for proteins you want to think lean and clean. No carbs, no added fats (except for essential fatty acids), and no preservatives.

1) Chicken

Chicken meal

You simply can’t go wrong with chicken. With hundreds of different ways to prepare this and with less than 3 grams of fat per serving, it definitely deserves a spot on your six pack abs diet.

2) White Fish

White Fish

Another excellent source of protein is white fish. This is one of the lower calorie sources of protein so you’ll get to eat more of it for fewer calories. When it seems as though your meals are getting smaller and smaller as your calorie intake comes down, this can be very beneficial.

3) Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is the next protein source to add to your six pack abs diet. Those who consume more dairy on their plan tend to lose more fat from the abdominal region, so this is definitely a must-have.

4) Salmon


For essential fatty acid intake, you can do no better than adding salmon to your six pack abs diet. This fish is rich in protein and will help to keep your insulin sensitivity where it needs to be to get lean.

5) Egg Whites


Finally, egg whites are a perfect way to start your day on your six pack abs diet as they’re low in fat, low in calories, and will fill you up quickly. Be sure they’re added regularly.

The 5 Best Healthy Fats For Getting Six Pack Abs

Finally, the last macronutrient to discuss is healthy fats. Healthy fats will calm your hunger, keep your blood sugar under control, and provide you with vital nutrients you need on your six pack abs diet plan.

1) Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are a great healthy fat because they’re not only high in essential fatty acids, but also contain fiber and protein. Sprinkle some over your morning bowl of oatmeal.

2) Fish Oil

Fish oil is the next must-have on your six pack abs diet. Most people will take this in supplemental form, but you can also consume it through a high intake of fatty fish varieties as well.

3) Avocado

Avocado pear

Avocado’s are often the forgotten about form of fat but definitely deserve a place in your six pack abs diet. They’re full of vital nutrients and will add a creamy taste to any dish you’re preparing.

4) Natural Peanut Butter

Since most people naturally crave peanut butter on a six pack abs diet, add this in for healthy fats. As long as you choose the natural variety which is lower in added sugars, you can’t go wrong with this in there.

5) Coconut Oil

Finally, coconut oil is the last of the fats to use on your six pack abs diet. This oil reacts slightly differently in the body as it can be used directly as a fuel source much like carbohydrates. When your energy level is lacking, it’s the one to turn to.

So there you have the main foods to add on your six pack abs diet. By getting these all in place, you can be sure that you’re on your way to success.

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