5 Pieces of Equipment That Train the Abs

Great looking abdominal muscles are just about everybody’s dream. Everyone loves the way they look, especially in a swimsuit, when they’ve managed to get a six pack.

But, there are other benefits to toning your abs besides the cosmetic ones. Strong abs give you an overall stronger body.

Here are five pieces of ab equipment that can do a great job at toning your abdominal muscles.


1. Elliptical Machines

elliptical machine

elliptical machine

You might be surprised to find the elliptical machine listed on a list of ab equipment. But, it’s a great machine for getting a cardiovascular workout and for toning the muscles. The elliptical machine works a wide variety of muscles and is great for toning the abs.

2. Treadmills



Treadmills are also a great piece of ab equipment. This is because walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your abdominal’s. Walking is likely the single best exercise you can do for lots of reasons.

Walking is an exercise that anyone, of any fitness level can do. It requires no special equipment, though a treadmill is very helpful, and it’s easy to increase your intensity as your fitness improves.

3. Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel

The ab wheel is a simple piece of ab equipment, but it can do a great job at toning your abs. The ab wheel gives a more advanced abdominal workout, and works all the major abdominal muscles.

4. The Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is a great piece of ab equipment. Doing crunches on an exercise ball works more muscles than doing the same crunches from the floor.

There are a wide variety of exercises you can do with an exercise ball, too, that target other muscles as well as the abdominal’s.

5. Ab Pro Circle

Ab pro Circle

Ab pro Circle

Of all the pieces of big ab equipment, this is the most complete one on the market. It targets all the major muscles of the abdominal’s and is easy and fun to use. Though in works only the ab muscles, it is a good investment.

Strong Core Muscles Benefit The Whole Body

Some exercises, as well as some pieces of ab equipment are simply better than others at toning the abdominal muscles, as you can see. Often the best way to tone your abdominal muscles is by using ab equipment you might be surprised to know is even good for your abs.

But, since the abs are part of the body’s core, they are used for many different bodily movements, so they can be worked through many different methods and with many different pieces of ab equipment.

Working your abdominals can provide great benefit to your body. When your abdominal’s are strong, you have better posture, better flexibility and better strength of movement in your limbs.

Strong abdominal’s improve your overall athletic ability, too. You may surprised to find that your performance in all sports gets better as your abs get stronger.

So, regardless of which of these pieces of ab equipment you decide to use, you’re sure to see the benefits of abdominal exercises in strengthening your core, improving your stability and giving you that six pack.

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