5 Core Exercises For Men And Women

If there’s one group of exercises you should be adding into your workout program, core exercises are it. Having the right core exercises in place is not only going to help you get firmer abs and develop a midsection that turns heads, but core exercises will also help to protect your spinal column, ensuring that you’re always maintaining a proper position as well as will help to prevent any other injuries that could potentially take place.

When many people think of core exercises they think of the standard crunch or some variation, but really there are so many other additional core exercises that can be added to a good workout program.

One thing that you always must remember is the fact that the abdominal’s are a very fast muscle to continually be adapting so if you aren’t constantly changing the core exercises that you’re doing, you could hit a progress plateau.

Understanding the best core exercises for your body will be a must if you’re going to see top results. Let’s walk you through the best core exercises for both males as well as females.

5 Core Exercises For Men

Man with excellent abdominal muscles

Man with excellent abdominal muscles

When looking at core exercises for men, you want to think about strength building movements that will not only help to bring about more ab definition, but also make the abs slightly larger.

Most males want abs that ‘pop’ out of the skin, with clear grooves and ridges forming the 6 pack look.

The following core exercises will do just that.

1) Weighted Decline Sit-Ups

First up you have weighted decline sit-ups. This is one of the best core exercises for building up a high level of strength as not only are you fighting against gravity, but you’re also fighting against that added weight that you’re holding.

Be sure when performing these that you do move through the full range of motion to reap all the benefits that they offer.

2) Weighted Hanging Leg Raises

Weighted hanging leg raises are perfect for targeting those lower abs and will ensure constant stress is being placed on the muscle at all times. Watch when performing these that you don’t swing the legs upwards however, as this is the biggest mistake that’s often made by men performing this exercise variation.

3) Medicine Ball Twists

Medicine ball twists are our next great option of core exercises to add to your routine. This one will really zero in on the oblique area and ensure that you’re targeting the area where love handles tend to form.

When performing these think of squeezing just from the sides, rather than using the middle of the abs to propel you through the movement.

4) Cable Crunches

Cable crunches are another of the excellent core exercises that will help you gain more strength and power. When doing these you’ll simply crunch straight over, bringing the chest down towards the ground. Adjust the weight as your progress along.

5) Renegade Rows

Finally, this movement isn’t necessarily considered to be one of the main core exercises, however it’s excellent for targeting the abs. Primarily designed to work the back muscles, your abs will be constantly contracting as you move through the row motion. Be sure to keep the back in a flat position at all times to see best benefits.

So now that you know the best core exercises for men, let’s look at the top choices for women.

5 Core Exercises For Women

Woman performing the stability ball side crunch

Woman performing the stability ball side crunch

When it comes to core exercises for women, a main concern is not building bulk. You want the core exercises you choose to streamline your waist, creating a flat and firm appearance without making you look larger.

These core exercises will do just that.

1) The Plank

The very first exercise to consider performing is the plank movement. This one of the core exercises is excellent for holding the stomach in place at all times, allowing you to maintain maximum control. For those who often feel as though they struggle to have flat lower abs, the plank will help with that.

2) The Bicycle Crunch

Moving on, the second of the core exercises to include regularly is the bicycle. While males performed medicine ball twists for the obliques, doing these without weights will help you target your love handles without making yourself wider.

Be sure to perform these in a slow and controlled manner so that there is as much tension on the abs as possible.

3) Lying Leg Raise

The lying leg raise is your best bet for core exercises to target the lower abs. When doing these the main thing to think of is keeping the lower back pressed into the floor at all times while ensuring that the legs stay off the ground the entire duration of the exercise.

This will ensure that you keep that constant tension you need on the lower ab muscles.

4) Crunch On An Exercise Ball

The crunch on an exercise ball is another of the great core exercises to perform as part of your routine. With the added instability that the ball provides, the muscles very deep within the core will have to contract the entire way through.

In addition to that, since your range of motion will be increased when placing yourself up on top of the ball, you’ll see increased stomach toning benefits.

5) Prone Ball Roll-In

Finally, the prone ball roll-in is the final of the core exercises to include in your workout. This exercise is going to really get that long, lean look that you’re after and will even challenge your upper body muscles slightly as well.

Try and roll straight front in with the ball as well as to the sides if you want to target the oblique’s at the same time. So there you have the top core exercises that you should be thinking about adding to your abdominal workout program.

Always remember, regardless of your gender, if you have too much body fat covering your abs it will be next to impossible to get them showing, so in addition to doing your core exercises, make sure that you’re also following a good diet plan.

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