10 Tips For Reducing Stomach Fat

If you’re someone who’s interested in losing stomach fat and feel as though you’re currently fighting a losing battle, it’s going to be very important that you learn the top tips that can help in your quest for reaching this goal.

Many people are able to effectively lose the first 10-20 pounds rather easily. They make a few changes to their diet, start exercise more regularly, and the weight just seems to fly off. But, when it comes to losing stomach fat, especially that stubborn fat that sits right over the ab muscle, it’s much easier said than done.

So what does it take to be successful at losing stomach fat?

Let’s walk you through ten tips that you should keep in mind for losing stomach fat effectively.

1) Perform Early Morning Cardio

The very first thing that you’ll likely want to do if you’ve set the goal of losing stomach fat is perform some cardio first thing on an empty stomach.

After coming out of the overnight fasting period like this, your body is going to be more ‘primed’ to start using fat as a fuel source. You won’t have any glucose present in your system for immediate fuel use, so you can see far faster fat burning taking place.

Take note though that most people will not be able to perform highly intensive forms of cardio at this time as without that glucose present, you just won’t be able to keep up that pace.

Go for a more moderate paced session instead.

2) Consider Using Yohimbe

Second, the next thing to think about for losing stomach fat is to use yohimbe. This is a particular supplement that tends to be especially effective with the goal of losing stomach fat since it’s going to help to increase blood flow to the regions of the body that store body fat.

Without that increased blood flow, it becomes harder to oxidize off fatty acid tissues, so fat loss may not occur. If you combine yohimbe with some cardio training to further enhance blood flow and fat burning, you’ll see the best results possible.

3) Mix Interval Training With Steady State Training

Perform both steady state and interval training

Perform both steady state and interval training

Another quick trick that you can use with your program when your mission is on losing stomach fat is to combine interval training with steady state training.

Most people think that it has to be either or, but that’s not the case.

Ideally you should perform 20 minutes of interval training first to burn off the fatty acids from the fat stores and then perform another 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio to burn those fatty acids off as a fuel source.

This is one of the best strategies for losing stomach fat quickly.

4) Switch To A Full Body Workout Program

Another thing to consider to enhance the results that you see is switching over to a full body workout program. A full body workout program is going to be ideal for helping with losing stomach fat as it’s going to increase the metabolic rate the highest, allowing faster fat loss to occur.

Full body workout programs will stimulate so many muscle groups at once that the metabolic response is just so great it could never compare to a body part split type of set-up.

The second great thing about the full body workout program in terms of losing stomach fat is that since you only have to perform it three times per week, this leaves plenty of time for other workouts that will help with losing stomach fat.

5) Use The Exercise Ball More Often

Make the fitness ball part of your workouts

Make the fitness ball part of your workouts

Another thing to consider as you go about the goal of losing stomach fat is to use an exercise ball more often. Start performing some traditional weight lifting movements such as chest press or lateral raises on an exercise ball as well. This will cause the abs to come into play to support the body and keep you balanced.

6) Cut Out Stress

Go for walks to help reduce stress levels

Go for walks to help reduce stress levels

Stress is the next element to consider when aiming for the goal of losing stomach fat. If you’re highly stressed out, your body will have a greater chance of storing body fat in the abdominal region, so do your best to avoid this. Start looking for ways that you can de-stress during the day and you’ll see noticeable improvements in your progress.

7) Avoid Processed Carbs

Cut back on bad carbs like cakes

Cut back on bad carbs like cakes

Processed carbs are a food that must get tossed from your plan when trying to reach the goal of losing stomach fat. If you’re eating too many of these, you’ll have fluctuating blood glucose and insulin levels that will just drive excess calories straight for body fat stores.

Instead, focus on the most wholesome carbohydrate sources available.

This includes foods such as:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice.

8) Get More Sleep

Try to get more sleep, aim for eight hours per night

Try to get more sleep, aim for eight hours per night

If you want to succeed with losing stomach fat, getting enough sleep is vital. Those who don’t get enough sleep at night are much more likely to suffer from food cravings and due to being fatigued, often give in to those cravings as well.

Low levels of sleep will make it next to impossible to maintain a lower calorie diet and you’ll struggle to start losing stomach fat.

9) Don’t Drink Your Calories

Make sure you drink plenty of water

Make sure you drink plenty of water

Also make sure that you’re factoring in what you’re drinking as well. If you’re taking in hundreds of calories each day through your beverage selection, chances are you won’t be losing stomach fat. Drink only water and green tea. Then focus on whole foods to get your calorie intake.

10) Use Proper Posture

Finally, the last tip for losing stomach fat is to make sure you use proper posture. While this won’t necessarily help to speed up the fat loss process, it will instantly make you appear thinner and therefore help it seem like you’re making progress.

If you want an instant quick-fix while you work towards losing stomach fat, this would be it.

So there you have the top tips to remember about losing stomach fat. Start adding these into your approach and you will start seeing a leaner stomach shortly.

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