10 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

If you’re on a mission to reach your goal body weight, one thing that you must be doing is taking a good look at the top foods that burn belly fat.

It’s important that you form together a diet plan that is going to have you reaching your ideal calorie target for the day that will keep your energy levels high but also cause you to create that calorie deficit needed for fat loss to take place.

If you aren’t filling your diet full of the foods that burn belly fat, chances are you will be consuming too many calories and you may suffer from blood sugar highs and lows that only prompt food cravings to occur.

Fortunately, by being smart with your eating strategy you can quickly see success and reach your goal body weight.

Let’s have a quick look at the top foods that burn belly fat.

The Types of Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Reduce your stubborn belly fat

Reduce your stubborn belly fat

Before we get into our list, it’s important to consider the types of foods that burn belly fat. Ideally you want to choose lower calorie foods since this is what will help keep your total daily calorie intake down. But at the same time, some higher calorie foods are okay provided you keep them in moderation.

Healthy fats for instance will be higher in total calories, but they will help to put a stop to hunger fast, so that can move you along the road to success.

Protein rich foods also deserve a place on the list of foods that burn belly fat since they will increase your metabolic rate and keep blood sugar levels stable.

In the following list of foods that burn belly fat, we’ll cover some protein foods, some carb foods, as well as some healthy fats, so you get a good mix of each nutrient.

Chilli peppers can help burn belly fat

Chilli peppers can help burn belly fat

The Top 10 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

1) Egg Whites


Topping our list of foods that burn belly fat are egg whites. Egg whites are excellent as they’re an incredibly lean source of protein and can be cooked in a number of different ways. It’s vital that you’re doing everything possible to prevent boredom while on your diet plan as boredom is what often leads you to develop those pesky food cravings.

2) Oatmeal


On the carbohydrate side of things, oatmeal is the next top choice to have in your plan. Since oatmeal absorbs so much water during the cooking process, you’re going to find that it’s one of the most filling foods that you could eat at your breakfast meal and easily allows you to maintain that lower calorie intake.

Oatmeal is also perfect for keeping cholesterol levels low, so ideal for heart health.

3) Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

The third of the foods that burn belly fat is chilli peppers. Adding these to your meal is an easy way to boost your metabolic rate as they contain a compound known as capsaicin, which causes the body to expend more energy in the form of heat after its’ eaten.

Plus, adding these to your meals means you’ll also likely take in fewer calories overall as most people find they eat less when the food is spicy.

4) Chicken

Chicken breast

Chicken is the next great addition to the list of foods that burn belly fat as it’s low in fat, carb free, and very high in quality protein.

Meat sources of protein tend to break down very slowly in the body, so having a chicken breast with your mid-day meal will easily help sustain you until dinner.

5) Flaxseeds


As far as healthy fats go, flaxseeds can’t be beat. This one of our foods that burn belly fat is ideal since not only does it contain essential fatty acids, but it’s also very high in dietary fiber and offers a small dose of protein as well. These are easy to add into smoothies or your bowl of oatmeal, so don’t think twice about adding them into your diet.

6) Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an ideal source of protein for those looking to lose belly fat as studies have confirmed that those who include more dairy in their diet tend to lose more fat from the trunk region. Greek yogurt is also fat free, so will help you sustain that lower calorie intake.

7) Broccoli


Moving along, the next of the foods that burn belly fat is broccoli. An ultra-low calorie vegetable that is packed with antioxidants and fiber, you can’t go wrong here. Add it to stir-fry’s, salads, or just eat it on its own.

8) Quinoa


Quinoa is one of the best foods that burn belly fat for instant energy. It’s a complex form of carbohydrate so will break down slowly in the body and will also supply a complete source of protein as well. For anyone who struggles to get in enough protein on a daily basis, quinoa is a must.

9) Apples


To look at the fruit side of your diet, one of the top foods that burn belly fat are apples. Apples contain a certain nutrient called pectin, which is especially helpful for reducing your hunger levels.

Having an apple with a little natural peanut butter as a snack about 90 minutes before your dinner is the perfect way to take the edge off your cravings and ensure that you maintain calorie control at that meal.

Apples also come in so many different varieties as well, which reduces the chances you’ll ever get bored of having them in your plan.

10) Almonds


Finally, the last of the foods that burn belly fat is almonds. Almonds are another very healthy source of dietary fat and will quickly take the edge off your hunger as well. These are also full of dietary fiber and offer some potassium as well, so will help you get through those workout sessions. Sprinkle them on a salad, toss them into a trail mix, or just eat them on their own as a quick snack to tide you over until your next meal.

So there you have the top foods that burn belly fat. Start adding some of them to your diet today!

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