Medicine Ball Workouts

Effective abdominal exercises making full use of the medicine ball

Medicine Ball Home Workout
Medicine ball workouts

Eight effective medicine ball exercises to increase fitness and develop muscle tone

8 Effective Medicine Ball Exercises

10 Effective Medicine Ball Exercises for the Abdominal's
Ab workout

Tough medicine ball exercises for developing the abs and core. Perform these exercises one after the other and for the correct amount of reps.

10 Abdominal and Core Exercises

The Medicine Ball Push-Up
Medicine ball push-up

Both the advanced and beginner push-up using a medicine ball. Learn how to perform this exercise properly to help strengthen the chest, shoulders and core muscles.

The Medicine Ball Push-Up

4 Medicine Ball Slam Exercises
Slam exercises

Four different exercises making use of a medicine ball and a wall!

4 Medicine Ball Slam Exercises

Light Medicine Ball Workout
Light medicine ball workout

Medicine ball ab workout exercises allow basic crunches, partner work and rotational exercises to be improved and made more difficult with the addition of a weight.

Light Medicine Ball Workout

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