5 Side Oblique Exercises

In order to have a strong healthy spine and strong core, working all of the abdominal exercises is important.

We often work the main abdominal muscle, the rectus abdominus, but fail to work our oblique muscles, which are the abdominal muscles on the side of our abdomen.

Side oblique exercises are important because they protect the back from injury. Our backs are most vulnerable to injury when we twist as we perform physical work, so strengthening the side oblique muscles is very important. » Read more

5 Core Exercises For Men And Women

If there’s one group of exercises you should be adding into your workout program, core exercises are it. Having the right core exercises in place is not only going to help you get firmer abs and develop a midsection that turns heads, but core exercises will also help to protect your spinal column, ensuring that you’re always maintaining a proper position as well as will help to prevent any other injuries that could potentially take place.

When many people think of core exercises they think of the standard crunch or some variation, but really there are so many other additional core exercises that can be added to a good workout program.

One thing that you always must remember is the fact that the abdominal’s are a very fast muscle to continually be adapting so if you aren’t constantly changing the core exercises that you’re doing, you could hit a progress plateau. » Read more

10 Medicine Ball Exercises

Tough medicine ball exercises for developing the abs and core

Perform these exercises one after the other and for the correct amount of reps.

  1. Big Circles – 20
  2. WoodChoppers – 20
  3. Standing Russian Twist – 20
  4. Squat to press – 20
  5. Med ball Sit ups – 20
  6. Rocky Solos – 10/10 = 20
  7. Toe Touch – 20
  8. 45 Degrees torso Twist (LEGS UP/FEET UP!) – 10/10 per side = 20
  9. Suitcase Crunch 10/10 = 20
  10. Diagonal Crunch – 20 reps

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