The 10 Best Tips for Losing Belly Fat


For most of us, losing belly fat is tough – in fact, it’s tougher than trying to lose fat on any other part of the body. Unfortunately, spot reducing isn’t really possible.

In order to lose belly fat or any other fat, it requires exercise paired with dieting that helps lose fat all over the body. But, here are some things you can do to help you in losing belly fat and fat that lingers in other spots on the body.


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How to Naturally Reduce Your Body Fat Levels

A good natural diet and exercise are the main keys for reducing body fat levels. Many people are overweight. In fact, obesity has become one of the biggest health issues facing Western nations. It’s important to ensure that your body fat levels are healthy, to avoid the many problems that come with being obese.

The Danger of Elevated Body Fat Levels

Elevated body fat levels mean that you are overweight or obese. Obesity is defined as being more than 20% above a normal weight. When you have elevated body fat levels, you are more likely to contract several life threatening illnesses. » Read more

The Best Diet For Reducing Belly Fat

if you’re currently sporting a little more weight around your middle than you would like, it’s time that you put together your very own belly fat diet plan.

The unfortunate thing for most people is that the belly is where we preferentially tend to store excess fat, so it can be a tricky area to get lean.

You’ll have to focus on losing weight all over the rest of your body in order to eventually see that stomach slim down. The good news is that when a proper belly fat diet is in place, it’s a lot easier to see success than you once thought.

Many people often think that the fastest way to shed fat in this area is to perform crunch after crunch after crunch and while abdominal work can help move fat loss along quicker, it’s really not the secret to results. » Read more

How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Though they sound like a great thing, nobody really wants love handles. They can be one of the most unattractive places to gain weight, because they make it difficult for clothes to fit properly.

They can also be one of the most difficult areas of the body to work on. Here are some tips for getting rid of those love handles if you happen to be one of the people carrying them around.

What Are Love Handles?

Love handles are “pudges” or pockets of fat around your midsection – right about the spot where someone would hug you; hence the name.

This area just happens to be one where many people tend to accumulate fat, and this fat can be difficult to get rid of. » Read more

How To Burn More Fat By Increasing Your Metabolism

Fat Loss and the Metabolism Go Hand-in-Hand

If there’s one thing that you must be doing as you work towards the goal to lose weight, it’s learning how to increase the metabolism.

Those who have very sluggish metabolic rates will find that they have to decrease their food intake extremely low (or else increase their exercise time to boost up their total calorie burn) in order to create that total calorie deficit necessary for fat loss to take place.

This ends up making them feel quite miserable on their fat loss diet plan and often causes them to fall off it completely. » Read more

Can Eating Late At Night Cause Weight Gain?

The reasons why you should avoid those late night snacks

Losing weight is definitely a numbers game. We have to use up more calories than we take in to see the scale go down. But, did you know that when you eat those calories can have an effect, too? Eating late is not a good thing for your diet. Here’s why.

Your Metabolism Slows Down At Night

When we sleep, our bodies slow down. This slow down includes the speed of our metabolism, too. So, during our sleeping hours, we’re burning far fewer calories than during the day when we’re up and moving around. » Read more

The 5 Best Abdominal Exercises

There are many exercises for toning the abdominal muscles, here are five of the more effective ones

Getting a flat, sexy stomach requires a combination of diet and exercise to achieve the best results.

Nobody enjoys crunches, but in order to really get a flat tummy, you need to do the best abdominal exercises for strengthening those muscles that make your core strong and hold the stomach in naturally.

Here are some of the best abdominal exercises you can do: » Read more

The Best Breakfast To Start Your Day

Breakfast the most important meal of the day

If you’re trying to lose weight, you definitely want to take steps to boost your metabolism. When your metabolism is functioning properly, you can lose weight with much less effort than when you have a metabolism that is sluggish. What you might not know, however is that eating the best breakfast is an easy way to boost your metabolism.

Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Eating the best breakfast you can is important for several reasons. First, of all, studies have shown that dieters who eat a good breakfast actually consume fewer calories in a day than those who don’t eat breakfast. » Read more

5 Diets for Losing Stomach Fat

Many of us are looking for ways to lose weight through dieting. And, many of us find that most of our fat is located around our stomachs, so diets for losing stomach fat are what we’re really interested in.

There are many ways to help reduce the fat in your stomach, through a combination of exercise and diets for losing stomach fat.

1. Low carbohydrate diets

Low carb eating is one of the best diets for losing stomach fat. Because low carb diets emphasize minimizing blood sugar spikes, they are very effective for reducing body weight and for making it difficult for our bodies to store fat. » Read more