How To Get A Flat Stomach

If you’re wondering how to get a flat stomach, there are a few important things that you’ll want to keep in mind. In order to get a flat stomach, you’re going to have to work on burning more calories than you consume each day as this is what’s necessary to get fat loss taking place.

Those who use too high calorie diets, even if the food is healthy, will never tap into that stored belly fat and learn how to get a flat stomach.

Fortunately, by understanding the process and what will work best for reaching your goals, you can quickly do away with this problem forever.

Let’s have a look at what you must know about get a flat stomach.

Why We Gain Too Much Stomach Fat

First, why do you gain too much body fat?

In short, it’s a lack of activity and an overabundance of eating. The primary reason why most people are unable to get a flat stomach today is because they’re filling their diet with processed food that’s only making them want to consume more and more calories.

If you’re suffering from blood sugar fluctuations, controlling that calorie intake will feel next to impossible, so it won’t be any wonder why you’re unable to see success.

You gain too much body fat any time you take in more calories than what you expend through keeping your body functioning and all your daily physical activity.

How To Start Reducing Body Fat Levels

So now that you know why you gain body fat, how do you start reducing your body fat levels?

The best way to reduce body fat and get a flat stomach is through a lower calorie diet. Some people will try to get a flat stomach through increasing their exercise duration but generally speaking this isn’t the best of approaches. While it may help you see short term success, it’s just too hard to overcome a bad diet with physical activity.

Unless you want to exercise for hours each day to get a flat stomach, you need something else.

A proper diet will be that something else. By slashing 500 calories from your daily intake, you can lose around one pound a week and move that much closer to the goal to get a flat stomach.

Don’t think that exercise isn’t important to help get a flat stomach though – it is, you just have to be smart in how you go about it.

You’re far better off using a more intense diet and keeping exercise to moderate levels to help you stick with it than overdoing exercise and eating more to compensate.

Try performing a full body workout program that uses compound movements two to three days a week. That will be enough to keep your metabolism higher and ensure that you burn body fat all day long.

You can add some additional ab work at the end if you really like, but note this is primarily for core strengthening benefits. Ab exercises do very little to actually help you get a flat stomach since they burn so few calories.

The Best Diet For Getting A Flat Stomach

A meal high in protein and vegetables

A meal high in protein and vegetables

So speaking of diets, what is the best diet to get a flat stomach?

Ideally you want one that’s high protein, high in vegetables, and low in calories.

Carbohydrates should be cycled throughout the week to keep your metabolism going strong and provide energy to get through your workout sessions. Consider putting more carbohydrates on the days that you workout and need that extra energy and then keep them lower on days you don’t.

By doing this you’ll essentially trick your body into keeping a higher metabolic rate despite your lower calorie intake. This is key to get a flat stomach effectively.

The next thing to consider about the best diet to get a flat stomach is your dietary fat intake. While some healthy fats should still be added for overall nutrition, if you really want to get a flat stomach, you should try and keep all dietary fat slightly lower.

Aim for 3-7 grams in most meals to prevent hunger and that should be about right.

Because fats are so calorie dense, if you’re taking in too many of them, it will be very difficult to get a flat stomach since your calorie intake will just be too high.

Focus on protein and vegetables instead, which should also keep you feeling relatively satisfied anyway.

Fat Burning Tips

Take a break once in a while

Finally, what are some of the best fat burning tips to help you get a flat stomach?

1) First, when it comes to exercise, remember that intensity will always trump duration. If you can perform more intense workouts, you’ll always see better results than longer, less intense workouts.

You simply create more of a metabolic spike with those intense sessions than you do with less intense ones, which keeps you burning up fat all day long.

2) Second, make sure that you’re also adding diet breaks. If you want to get a flat stomach and still have quite a bit of fat to lose, it may take you 3-5 months to reach this goal. After every 8 weeks of dieting, you should take a short break.

This will really help you get a flat stomach because it’ll prevent the metabolic decline that often comes along when a very low calorie diet is used.

If you never allow your body a break from that low calorie approach, eventually it’ll start conserving fuel and all fat loss will stop anyway. One week off every two months is a very wise move to help you see success and get a flat stomach.

So there you have the main things to note about how to get a flat stomach. It’s really important that you do have a proper game plan in place because if you don’t, you’re going to be led astray.

Those who go in knowing exactly what they must do to get a flat stomach can simply follow their plan and watch as results unfold.

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