5 Workout Methods to Help Lose Stomach Fat

You read about workouts to lose stomach fat from every possible source—from the Internet, newspaper and magazine articles, and published health and fitness books.

While this sheer abundance of information definitely has its advantages, it also confuses most of us. One source swears by the efficiency of particular workouts to lose stomach fat, while another would refute such claims.

We have complied here some of the guaranteed exercise regimens which you can implement to help you finally remove the unsightly health risk that is your stomach fat.

1) Perform Interval Training

Interval training is a collection of exercises that alternate high intensity routines with low intensity ones. Interval training is one of the most efficient workouts to lose stomach fat as the high intensity work that induces the body’s fat burning processes continue well into the interval periods of rest or low intensity activity.

Employing interval training workouts to lose stomach fat have a whole lot of other advantages as well:

  1. Increases the intake of oxygen which then benefits the rest of the body.
  2. Encourages development of leaner body parts.
  3. Has been proven to prevent occurrence of prior physical injuries.
  4. Incorporates a variety of routines in one workout so the rest of the body is targeted as opposed to other routines where only specific parts or muscle groups are trained.

Interval Training Burns Far More Calories than Steady State Cardio

Bear in mind that any type of workouts to lose stomach fat, so long as these incorporate both high and low intensity routines in one go, can already be considered interval training.

But here are the basics which you can readily implement:

Warm up exercises such as stretching for 3 to 5 minutes

High intensity routine such as fast stationary cycling for 1 minute, followed by a minute of low intensity activity like walking on the treadmill.

Repeat this routine combination for 6 to 8 times

Stretching for 3 to 5 minutes to cool your body down

2) Train with Kettlebells

Kettlebells can improve strength and increase muscle

Kettlebells are very good implements to use for various workouts to lose stomach fat. This is because the center of mass of the kettlebells extends far beyond the holder’s hand thus inevitably requiring one to carry out movements like swinging and snatching.

These routines are far more natural for the body to do thus minimizing injury, yet still optimizing the fat burning and toning potentials. Some specific workouts to lose stomach fat employing the kettlebells are as follows:

Turkish Get Up

Workouts to lose stomach fat making use of kettlebells are particularly challenging, but most especially the Turkish Get Up.

To perform this, first get a-hold of the kettlebell ball with your right hand, and safely bring it above your right shoulders while you simultaneously lay down to the floor.

Raise your knee to an angle enough to provide your body stability and raise your hand holding the kettlebell until your arm stretches straight. Now, pull your right shoulder upwards through your right external oblique while keeping regular breathing.

Perform 5 repetitions and do the same with the kettlebell held in your left hand. You will immediately notice the muscles on your arms, your external oblique, and of course your abdomen, tighten from performing this routine.

Kettlebell Swing

This routine is one of the relatively simpler workouts to lose stomach fat that’s specially recommended for novice kettlebell users. To do this, stand in front of the kettlebell and slowly reach down to grip tightly its handle.

Pull the kettlebell up and position your legs to have just about the right distance between each other. Now, swing the kettlebell a little towards the back and thrust your hips forward to start swinging the bell.

You should feel absolutely no strain on your arms and shoulders as it should be your hips doing most of the work here.

3) Running is an Excellent Calorie / Fat Burning Exercise

Running has long been considered as one of the most effective workouts to lose stomach fat. This is because practically all muscle groups of the body work at the same time thereby increasing fat burning overall.

Running inevitably develops cardiovascular strength as well so its capacity to take in and process oxygen is made even more efficient.

4) Try P90X System

The P90X is currently one of the popular workouts to lose stomach fat and the program is sold via DVDs in three installments. It is an intense workout program that lasts for 90 whole days, with daily sessions lasting for about 1 ½ hours.

This system follows the “muscle confusion” technique which simply means the routines, their intensity, and the length of time they are implemented, are intentionally varied.

This is so the body never fully adapts to the workouts to lose stomach fat so that its calorie-burning and muscle-developing potentials won’t hit a plateau or even a decline at any time during the program.

The P90X incorporates not just workouts to lose stomach fat, but routines which tone and sculpt the body as well.

But since it has been designed for the reasonably healthy, any individual considering of undergoing it needs to first pass the physical fitness assessment available via the program’s official website.

This is to ensure one is really physically capable of going through the demanding routines required.

5) Add Some Form of Resistance Training

The plank is a great resistance exercise

The plank is a great resistance exercise

Any routine requiring the body to withstand the application of continuous opposing physical force can be classified as resistance training.

Incorporating resistance workouts to lose stomach fat is very efficient as it forces the body to burn calories while at the same time strengthening the muscles and the cardiovascular system as well.

Specific resistance workouts to lose stomach fat that have demonstrated positive results are:

  1. Bench Press
  2. Dips
  3. Push press squats
  4. Split Squat (preferably with dumbbells)
  5. The Plank

Of course, it is crucial that you perform these resistance training routines using the right forms every single time. This is so you get to maximize its fat burning potentials. Doing so prevents injuries as well. If inexperienced or quite new to the routines enumerated, it would be best to enlist the assistance of a professional fitness trainer.

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