5 Side Oblique Exercises

In order to have a strong healthy spine and strong core, working all of the abdominal exercises is important.

We often work the main abdominal muscle, the rectus abdominus, but fail to work our oblique muscles, which are the abdominal muscles on the side of our abdomen.

Side oblique exercises are important because they protect the back from injury. Our backs are most vulnerable to injury when we twist as we perform physical work, so strengthening the side oblique muscles is very important.

5 Exercises That Work The Side Oblique’s

1. The Plank

The plank is the best of the side oblique exercises, but it’s one that many people never perform. The plank is a simple isometric exercise that helps create strength and stability in the core abdominal muscles.

When doing isometric exercises, you simply hold the position. To do this exercise, you simply balance on your toes and forearms. Work to keep your stomach pulled in and your body in good alignment. Don’t let your back sag or arch.

2. Half Plank

If you cannot hold the plank position for at least 10 seconds, do the half plank instead. This version requires that you balance on forearms and knees rather than toes.

3. Oblique V Sits

This is one of the best side oblique exercises because it is a very intense workout just for the oblique muscles. Lie on your side, up on your elbow, with both elbows bent and hands behind the head.

To perform the exercise, lift your legs and your upper body toward each other at the same time. It is a small movement, but is a very powerful one.

The side oblique muscles

The side oblique muscles

4. Medicine Ball Twists

Using a medicine ball for this side oblique exercise, stand with legs about shoulder width apart. Take the ball up over your head while turning to one side. Lower the ball to the diagonal, while bending your knees and crouching down, creating a twist motion. Change sides and repeat.

5. Exercise Ball Side Crunches

Lie on your side with the center of your body (your hips) on the exercise ball for this side oblique exercise. Position yourself so that you can put your feet against a wall for support. Raise and lower your upper body up and down on the exercise ball.

Change sides and repeat. This is a small, but very effective movement. The reason this is one of the best side oblique exercises is because it targets the oblique muscles very intensely.

Remember You Can Train The Abdominal Muscles Frequently

These side oblique exercises can really help you strengthen your core quickly. They are not easy to do, as you’ll soon see when you start working out. You’re likely to feel some sore muscles from them.

But, keep these side oblique exercises up every other day. In a few weeks, you’ll see results. Your muscles will be more evident and your back stronger. Performing side oblique exercises is a great way to have a strong core, improve posture and reduce the chances of lower back injuries.

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