10 Tips to Help Lose Belly Fat

Tips for reducing belly fat

Belly fat can be the most annoying fat we hold on our bodies and the most difficult fat to get rid of. Unfortunately, there's no magic pill for losing belly fat, but there are several methods that can help, particularly when you use them together.

1) Perform Cardiovascular Exercise

Man on a running machine

Cardio burns body fat. It burns fat from every area of the body, including belly fat. The higher the intensity of your workout, the more fat you'll lose from your belly and the rest of your body. Try incorporating some high intensity intervals into your cardiovascular workout.

2) Eat Less Simple Carbohydrates

Avoid simple carbs

Simple carbohydrates, like the kind in foods made with sugar and flour cause blood sugar spikes. This causes our bodies to produce insulin. Body fat can only be stored when your body has insulin, so minimizing the production of insulin helps reduce belly fat.

3) Eat Foods That Speed Up The Metabolism

Foods helpful for increasing the metabolism

Speeding your metabolism helps you burn more calories, and thus, more belly fat. Foods like hot peppers, green tea, low fat milk and cinnamon have all been shown to speed the metabolism.

4) Tone Your Abdominal Muscles

Train the abs with exercises like the plank

Toning your abdominal muscles will not rid you of your belly fat. But it will tone the muscles underneath the fat. Those muscles help you hold your stomach in and help improve your posture.

Once the cardiovascular training has burned off the layer of belly fat covering those muscles, they'll look great if they're toned.

5) Stop eating at least three hours before bed

When you eat just before bed, your body doesn’t have time to process the calories.

6) Eat Enough Protein

Eat plenty of protein

When people replace some of their carbohydrate calories with protein, they have been shown to lose more weight. Protein helps us feel full and helps increase the metabolism.

7) Strength Train

Weight training can help increase the metabolism

Muscle burns more calories each day than fat, even the muscles are at rest. The more muscles you have, the more calories you can eat in a day.

As your metabolism is increased, it will be easier to burn that belly fat and keep it off. Strength training has a long term and a short term benefit.

8) Watch The Fat You Consume

Avocadoes are classed as a healthy fat

Fats from fish, nuts, avocadoes and olives can reduce body weight because they give you adequate levels of essential fatty acids, which support your metabolism.

Replacing butter and other saturated fats with good fats can help you get rid of belly fat and fat all over the body.

9) Train Your Core Muscles

Train those central core muscles

Core training increases your energy levels, reduces your chances of lower back pain, provides strength in your limbs and improves your posture.

With a strong core, you'll look taller and leaner, even if you never manage to lose all the belly fat.

10) Watch Your Stress Levels

Stress causes the brain to release a substance called cortisol. When your cortisol levels remain constantly high, your metabolism doesn't work properly, and you may gain weight as a consequence.

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