The Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises

Man with low body fat levels

If you hope to see fast results with your workout program, adding in some of the top fat burning exercises will be key to your success.

When looking for the top fat burning exercises, you want to look for three things:

  1. First, you want to seek out exercises that work as many different muscle groups at once as possible. These are the ones that are going to have you burning up the most calories possible not only while you perform them, but for hours after you’re completed as well.
  2. Second, you want to look for fat burning exercises that get your heart rate up. Increased heart rate is a strong indicator of calorie burn, so that will move you forward as well.
  3. Finally, you want to look for fat burning exercises that cause you to work against some form of resistance. When they do that, you’ll notice that you not only burn fat, but also reshape your body as you start building up lean muscle mass as well.

So all of this said, let’s look at the top fat burning exercises to include in your program.

The Top 5 Exercises For Burning Body Fat

1) Squats

The squat is very effective for burning body fat

The very first of the fat burning exercises to include in your routine is the squat. The squat is easily one of the most intense movements as you’ll be working almost every single muscle fiber in the lower body at once.

In addition to this, since you are lifting so much weight while performing it, you’re going to get a huge metabolic boost from this one of our fat burning exercises.

2) Uphill Running

Woman running up a hill

The next of the fat burning exercises to include in your workout is much more focused on the cardio side of things and is uphill running. While regular running is definitely consider one of the good fat burning exercises, it doesn’t have you working against any form of resistance, which was one of our requirements for the fat burning exercises listed above.

To get around this, you will simply run uphill. Now you will be working against the incline which will place greater stress on those lower body muscles.

A good hill sprinting session is one of the absolute best ways to torch fat, so strongly consider adding this into your program.

3) Clean And Press

The clean and press

Moving along, the third of the fat burning exercises is the clean and press. This is a traditional powerlifting exercise and is great for working every single muscle in the body.

This one of the fat burning exercises will also really get your heart rate up as you’re going to have to generate as much force as you possibly can to hoist that barbell over your head.

Just take note that this movement will take some practice to get used to, so be sure to be patient with yourself and start with a lighter weight. The last thing you want to do when performing this one of our fat burning exercises is start too heavy and wind up injured.

Proper form is a must so be sure to keep a constant eye on yourself as you do it. Really watch that your back stays in a neutral position as you drive the weight overhead as this is one of the biggest mistakes many people make.

4) Weighted Burpees

Weightes body suit

The fourth of the fat burning exercises to consider adding are weighted burpees. Again, burpees are one of the best cardiovascular exercises to have in a program as they can easily be completed between sets and work the upper and lower body at once.

To add to the intensity and satisfy our fat burning exercises requirements, you’ll simply wear a weighted vest. Now you’re going to be working against a greater resistance level, increasing the amount of stress on each individual muscle fiber.

Be sure that the weighted vest is challenging enough for your current abilities. Most people will be fine with a 10 pound vest, but you may need to go up to 20 if you’re especially strong.

5) Lunge Into Shoulder Press

Finally, the last of our fat burning exercises is the lunge into shoulder press. By combining two traditional weight lifting moves like this you’re going to see even better metabolic boosting effects than if you did them both separately.

To perform this one of the fat burning exercises, move into a forward lunge holding a set of dumbbells and then as you come back to the standing position, perform a shoulder press from there.

Repeat all the way across the room and then turn around and come back.

More Fat Burning Tips

Woman with low levels of body fat

So now that you know the best fat burning exercises, how can you make the most of them?

First, you want to make sure that you also keep your rest periods down lower. The shorter your rest periods are, the more intense the overall workout will be, so this is a fast way to quickly boost the intensity.

Second, always make sure when performing these fat burning exercises that you maintain proper breathing. This is going to be really key in order to make sure that you are performing the exercise correctly and are also able to generate as much force as possible.

Many people make the mistake as they go about these fat burning exercises of holding their breath, which will definitely short-circuit their force generation ability.

Breathe out when you perform the first half of the movement and then breathe in as you return to the start.

So there you have everything that you need to know about the top fat burning exercises that you should include in your workout program.

Aim to perform these two to three days per week along with the rest of your workout program for best results.

Always keep in mind that you do require some rest each week for recovery so you can grow back stronger than before, so aim to take one day off in between performing each of these fat burning exercises.

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