The abdominals have 4 main muscle groups

Muscles of the Stomach

The 4 main muscles of the stomach region

Many people’s primary fitness goal is getting a set of “six pack abs”. If building up your muscles of the stomach is a primary fitness goal, then it’s important that you have a good understanding of the muscle groups located there.

Working all the major muscle groups in the stomach is important to strengthening the core and getting those killer abs.

The muscles of the stomach are all the muscles in and around the abdominal cavity. They not only provide those great looking abs, but they also help maintain balance and posture and they protect the back.

Strong muscles of the stomach can help improve the way you carry yourself and help keep you from injuring the back during physical activity.

The major muscles of the stomach are:

1) Rectus Abdominus

The rectus abdominis is the primary muscle in the stomach area. It is a narrow flat muscle on the front abdominal wall. The fibers of this muscle run vertically from the pubic bone to the rib cage. Exercises that work the rectus abdominus include crunches and the bicycle.

2) Transverse Abdominus

This muscle group is the deepest in the abdominal wall. The thin fibers of this muscle run horizontally and they encircle the entire abdominal cavity. This group of muscles of the stomach helps support the spine. These muscles have no motor function.

3) Internal Oblique

These are the innermost layer of muscles along the side of the abdomen. They are responsible for the ability to rotate your torso.

Working the internal and external oblique muscles of the stomach is done with exercises like twists, the bicycle and Captain’s Chair leg raises.

4) External Oblique

The outermost layer of the muscles in the stomach’s abdominal wall are the external oblique muscles. These muscles are along the sides of the abdomen.

Working the muscles of the stomach is important to getting those six pack abs you’re after. But, the muscles of the stomach won’t look great if there is a layer of fat covering them up.

Remove the fat to reveal the abs

So, if you’re looking for your six pack, you’re going to have to get rid of the layer of fat on top of it before you can see the muscles of the stomach. Crunches and other abdominal exercises won’t melt the fat in your stomach, though they will strengthen and tone the muscles of the stomach.

So, along with your abdominal strengthening routine, don’t forget to get some aerobic exercise, too. Aerobic exercise will melt the fat all over the body, including the fat that covers up the muscles of the stomach. Once this fat is melted, the muscles of the stomach will really show.

A good diet can help you get rid of the fat covering the muscles of the stomach, too. Avoid white flour products and sugar. Watch your calorie intake, and be certain that the fats you consume are good fats like olive oil, fish oil, nuts and lean protein. Stay away from saturated fats like butter and trans fats, too.

With a little attention to diet and exercise, there’s no reason why the muscles of the stomach can’t look great in no time.

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