The 5 Best Exercises for Losing Stomach Fat

The classic sit-up exercise for toning the abdominal region

Many of us carry our excess weight right around our middles. This weight can seem like the hardest weight to lose, and most of us are always looking for better exercises for losing stomach fat.

There are two different types of exercises for losing stomach fat. For the best results, you’ll want to perform both types of exercises for losing stomach fat.

The Five Best Exercises for Toning the Stomach

The first type of exercise for losing stomach fat is toning exercise. These types of exercises will not actually rid your body of the fat on your stomach.

However, they will tone and tighten the abdominal muscles, which help you hold your stomach in, improve your posture and strengthen your back. By performing these exercises, your body will look leaner, and you’ll have strong abdominal muscles.

1. Bicycle exercise

We all know how to do this exercise, but it’s a keeper because it really tightens the primary muscles of the abdomen. Remember not to pull on your neck as you do this exercise.

2. Captain chair leg raises

The Captain’s Chair at your local gym can be used for many different exercises. Leg raises, when done slowly and deliberately, work the abdominus rectus and the oblique muscles at the same time.

3. Crunches on an exercise ball

Crunches done on an exercise ball are more effective exercises for losing stomach fat because your abdominal muscles must do all the work. When you do crunches from the floor, much of the work is done by your legs.

4. Vertical leg crunch

This is one of the best exercises for losing stomach fat because it works both the rectus abdominus and the oblique muscles. This exercise involves doing crunches with your legs in the air, crossed at the knees.

5. Reverse crunch

The reverse crunch is one of the best exercises for losing stomach fat because it works the bottom of the rectus abdominus, which is the hardest part of the muscle to isolate.

Lie on the floor, bringing knees to the chest at a 90 degree angle. Lift hips off the floor, without any help from your arms. It’s a small movement, but you’ll feel it.

Why You Need to Lower Body Fat Levels to See Your Abs

As we mentioned earlier, the exercises above don’t really cause you to lose body fat. Rather they tone the abdominal muscles. In order to achieve the look you want, however, you must do exercises for losing stomach fat, too.

You see, your abdominal muscles are located underneath the fat on your stomach. So, if you want to show off that six pack, you’ve got to burn off the fat that’s covering it up.

That’s why, in addition to the toning muscles we mentioned above, you must do aerobic exercises for losing stomach fat to really see results. Aerobic exercises burn off that fat so that those toned abdominal muscles can be seen.

A good combination of a healthy diet, abdominal toning exercises and aerobic exercises for losing stomach fat are the three pieces of the puzzle that will help you show off those six pack abs next summer at the beach.

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